How to Enter the IP Login Guide

Everyone of us is having a wireless router nowadays, and if you also have the same router then, you must have tried to get access through admin login. It is possible that you have not tried it yourself but you must have seen others logging in using this admin login. Although many of us do know what this IP address is, however some of us must be curious to know more about it. Now, we will share some information and issues that you may encounter while accessing this portal.

How to Login is a private IP address which is popularly used in private networks. It is a gateway which modems, routers, and extenders of certain brands access. In order to login using IP address, follow the below instructions.

To login through, you can easily type this IP address in the web browser to access the web interface. Further your guide to login are:

  • Find the router’s IP Address: It is quite possible that you are aware of your router’s IP address, but confirming it once is always a good option. To get your IP address you need to follow these steps:

For Windows:

  • Use ipconfig command to check the IP address of your router. 

  • Now, you will see that the IP address mentioned next to the default gateway belongs to your router. 

  • You can also go to the Network and Sharing Center on your PC and then, click on the Connections tab to find out your router’s IP address.

  • Now, you will see the IP addresses are listed under IPv4 Default gateway column.

For Mac:

  • You can check your IP address in the utilities windows by using the netstat command.

  • However, you can also go to the System Preferences and then check the IP address.

2. Put credentials of your Router: The IP address of the router must first be entered in the browser’s URL bar.

  • First, you would enter the address, for instance, into your browser.

  • Then, it will become a link in the browser with the address, which will take you to the login page.

  • Now, you must enter the username and password you already signed up for. 

  • You must provide that information, though, if the username and password are set to the defaults.

  • If you forget, you may also get the router’s default login information online.

  • Now, you may access your router’s control panel by clicking submit after entering the login and password for your router.

Troubleshooting the

There may be different problems that you will encounter while working on the IP address: 

Revert and Reset the Changes:

The router may cease functioning or cause network connection issues after you’ve altered its settings. Therefore, before making any changes, it is advisable to carefully write down the router’s prior settings. When a problem arises, you will be able to undo the modifications in this manner. You can, however, return your router to its factory settings if you are unable to fix any problems:

  • First, you must do this by pressing your router’s reset button for 15 to 30 seconds. 

  • Now, you can obtain access to the network once more, the router will reboot and return to its factory default settings.

Incorrect IP address entry:

You frequently input IP addresses in a hasty manner that is useless. For instance, if you enter for your router instead of,  your browser will react with an error message stating that the page is missing. You can also be forwarded to another router’s panel if you have another router with that IP address:

  • In order to prevent misunderstanding, it’s crucial to write down the IP address rather than simply putting it into the browser.

Conflict between the IP Addresses: 

There is a chance that the IP addresses of your routers might clash if you use more than one to access the internet. As a result, if you attempt to access your router, it can direct you to another website or do nothing at all. Then, to ensure that you always get on the correct website, you may ask your network administrator to configure static IP addresses for both of your routers. The panel of your router also allows you to configure this address.

Unable to Access Router Page

If you successfully typed the address into your browser’s address bar but are still unable to see the router page, there may be another problem. As was already said, the first step would be to confirm the router connection. 

If your router connection is stable, it’s possible that the IP is inappropriate for the make or model of your router. You may look for a sticker with your router’s page URL on the bottom of the device to find out what it is.  

As an alternative, you may look up the router page address for your specific router brand and model online. There, we are confident you will discover the solution.

Finding Router Page Address Using the System

If you are using a Windows OS, to find the routers address use these steps:
  • First, locate the network icon on the right side bottom of your screen and click on it.

  • Now, you can choose the WiFi network that you can connect to.

  • When you choose the WiFi network, a lot of information will be available using the IPV4 address.

If you are having a Mac, then to find the routers address use these steps:

  • First, open the Apple Menu.

  • Now, find the System Preferences option and click on it. 

  • Now, choose the network you use that will connect to the internet.

  • Then, you can see your IP address listed next to word Router.


So, now that you fully comprehend the portal with its troubleshooting, we hope you will be able to adjust the settings for your wireless network without any problems. For any complex router troubles you might encounter, you can always get in touch with our experts. However, we are certain that you can now simply control all of the fundamental router settings that we discussed with you.